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Matko Izlakar Germ


Katarina Germ Izlakar

A talent or gift is the skill that someone naturally has to do something that is hard.

People say they are "born with a talent".

It is a high degree of ability or of aptitude.

Even if someone has talent they still have to work very hard if they want to be very good at something.

Matko and Katarina Izlakar Germ are glass artisans who continue the 40-year family tradition. The master of glass blowing was already Katarina's father Franc Germ, who was initialy producing laboratory equipment and later on he began making unique applied products (vases, candlesticks,,,)

The brand IZLAKAR-GERM represents mostly hand made unique glass jewellery, which is created on the table top gas burner, using quality Duran-Pyrex glass (borosilicate glass), which reaches it's melting-point at 1600 C.

The glass is shaped freehand and the modelling requires only tweezers and graphite bars.

The final products is hand painted, decorated with a brush and burned in the oven.

In addition to the jewellery, we make different types of animal,dogs,zodiac sings,vases,candlesticks,sculptures,chess, Christmas crbs,,,)

We participate at various exhibitions and fairs at home and abroad (Ljubljana, Bled, MOS Celje, Milan, Firenze,Munich,Los Angeles,,,) and dog shows CAC (Slovenian Dogs Shows) and CACIB (Internacional Doga Shows).

We design and decorate products by the clients wishes.

Made to order.


The certificate of the Slovenian Chamber of Trade No.5656/2006 approves as art and crafts all our perfected products.


We are also member of SRAJD (Self-Representing Artist In Jewellery Design), certificate No. 4035.

The idea is if you use those two shapes and try to colour the plane with them so the colours match, then the only way that you can do this is to produce a pattern which never repeats itself.

Painting is easy, when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.



Borosilicate glass was first developed by German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century.

Otto Schott is also founder of today's SCHOTT AG, which has sold borosilicate glass under the brand name DURAN since 1893.

Another manufacturer of DURAN is the DURAN Group.

After Corning Glass Works introduced Pyrex in 1915, the name became a synonym for borosilicate glass in the English-speaking world.

However, borosilicate glass is the name of a glass family with various members tailoring completely different purposes.

Most common today is borosilicate 3.3 glass like SCHOTT Duran and Pyrex by Corning.